Accountant’s copy problems

Suggestion regarding accountant’s copy problems.

I wish the Accountants Copy transfer process was more robust. If a single transaction has an error, the whole process bombs. There should be a way to go ahead and import the transactions that have no errors. One way this could be done would be to give accountants the option to choose which changes they want to export and/or import, instead of letting QuickBooks just try to do them all.

Jennifer replies:

I completely agree with this. I’ve had several problems with importing changes from an Accountant’s copy, and because of this I don’t use or recommend it anymore. I wasted many billable hours this way and it’s just not worth my time.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Nov 30, 2011 Accountants Copy Transfer File

by: Suzy

I was saving my files for half the year 2011 June 30, and tried to email through QB Pro 2010 to my accountant CPA for taxes and since that time, all my files PR, AP, AR, Employees, Vendors have disappeared for 3 years.
When I go in to payroll, not even the current employees are on file – goes back to 2008Bank Recon does the sameBeen on phone to QB numerous times – their answer is to re- enter all the data due to my backup files???I know there has to be another way????? H E L P

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