Accounting Today quoted from my post about Intuit

Accounting TodayVery pleased to see that my blog post about Intuit’s entry into the bookkeeping service market was quoted in Accounting Today:

Jennifer Johnson of Ledger Light proclaimed in a blog post, “I guess Intuit has finally admitted that QuickBooks isn’t easy for non-bookkeepers to use.” She wrote, “My observation is that small business owners purchase [QuickBooks], figure out that it is not easy to use, call people like me to clean up the mess, then hire me to do the bookkeeping going forward.” This was a good thing for accountants who provided bookkeeping services, like Johnson. But if Intuit enters the bookkeeping space, too, that will undercut bookkeepers who have, as Johnson suggested, made their bread and butter from QuickBooks overflow — and force bookkeepers to contract their services out through the software giant instead.

I like how the author of the article, Ranica Arrowsworth, said that I “proclaimed” it. lol I guess I did. It’s strange because I don’t really have a horse in that race, but I spent a lot of time in that market and I still care about it. So, I have more to say about Intuit’s entry into the bookkeeping space, but am not sure when I’ll say it. I’d like to see what other people say over the next week or so. My intuitions seem to be a little different than what others are saying so we’ll see how things shake out.

Initially, my quote was not attributed to me. I had to be patient while waiting for it to be corrected, but it finally was. The correction appears at the bottom of the article. I am glad that Accounting Today found my thoughts worthwhile enough to publish. You can read the whole article here:

Has Intuit entered the bookkeeping space?

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