Acquiring Quickbooks Software Outside the United States


(Makati, Philippines)

Dear Jennifer,

I am from the Philippines and working in an export company. My boss advised me to look for a supplier of QuickBooks (latest version). I cannot find a company offering to sell this software. Where do you think I can acquire this which is cheaper and faster for me to get? How do I go about it as for the installation and using it regularly? Do I need to get an expert on this here in our place. Please help me on this. Thank you.

Art Dino

Jennifer replies:

Hello Art,

I think the quickest way to get QB is to download it from the Intuit website:

Since you are in the Philipines I don’t know if you need something different than what is available here for U.S. customers. Call the Intuit customer service and talk to them before you buy the software. Explain your situation, and make sure you get the version best for you.

You asked if you need expert help to come in to your place…. I don’t know, but probably. If you can find somebody good in your area, the help and guidance they can give will help you avoid costly mistakes later.

Sorry that I don’t have more definitive answers for you. Take care and best of luck to you.

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