Add Credit Card Fee to Invoice

by Anonymous

How do I add a credit card fee of 3% to an invoice based on the total amount?

Jennifer replies:

I assume you mean an invoice to a customer, and not an invoice from a vendor.

In this case, you will need to setup an Item in your Item list. Follow this path:

Lists > Item List

Press Control-N. This allows you to create a new Item.

Once in the New Item screen, make this item an “Other Charge.”

For the Item Name, call it Convenience Fee (or some other name that is meaningful to you). Don’t make it a sub-item.

Enter a description if you want one to appear on your customers’ invoices. Otherwise leave the Description blank.

For the Amount, enter 3%.

For the Account, you have a choice. You can either create a new Income account for these fees, or you can choose your Merchant Fee Expense account (assuming you have one). I suggest you talk to your CPA about this – he/she might have a preference, and it would be best to find out what it is now, rather than waiting until tax time.

Click OK when you are finished. You may now use this item on your customers’ invoices.

Keep in mind that QB will only calculate 3% of the items above this item on the invoice screen. QB will not calculate 3% below this item. This means that QB will not include sales tax in the 3% calculation.

I hope this helps. Thanks for writing.

Comments for Add Credit Card Fee to Invoice

Jul 02, 2013 credit card fee to invoice

by: Anonymous

qbs calculate 3% discount only on the item above the credit card fee and not on all the items above the credit car fee. So how would it take into consideration 3% discount on all the above items? Thanks

Oct 22, 2013 Same question as the above

by: Anonymous
Please help. I need to know if there is a way to set up QB to calculate the 3% fee of ALL the items above. Thank you

Jan 29, 2014 credit card fee on ALL above lines

by: Carol

I need to know how to set up QB to calculate the 3% fee of ALL the items above also

Feb 03, 2014 add credit card fees to invoices

by: Anonymous
Isn’t this illegal?

Aug 06, 2014 CC Fees

by: Anonymous
No charging your customers a fee to use a credit card was never “illegal”, only against Visa/MC policy. However, this policy has been changed and you can happily charge away.

Sep 22, 2014 subtotal line

by: Anonymous
after entering all items use the subtotal item, then the convenience fee line

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