Alphabetize Checks in QuickBooks

by Velma

(Johnson City, TN)

I would like to alphbetize checks in QuickBooks.

I print over 500 checks twice a month and the “clients” are put in under Vendors. What I would like to do is alphabetize the prepared checks that up till this point are put in as I get them and they haven’t been numbered yet. Can that be done? Thanks.

Jennifer replies:

Hi Velma,

Are you asking if you can alphabetize the checks while they are still in the register but not yet printed? If so, then I don’t know of a direct way to do this. But here are some ideas that may help.

Open the check register. At the bottom there is an area called, “Sort by.” If you open it, you will see some different choices, such as:

Amount (largest first)
Amount (smallest first)
Order Entered
Date and Order Entered
Cleared Status

“Alphabetical” is not one of the choices. Not sure why, but that’s the way it is.

Notice that one of the choices is “Order Entered.” You could try entering the checks in alphabetical order, then sorting the register by “Order Entered.” The drawback is that this will sort the entire register and not just the checks you entered this time.

An alternative is to run a QuickReport for this register, then sort it by Name. Do this by going to the Chart of Accouts, highlighting this account, and selecting QuickReport. QuickBooks creates a report based on the entries in the register.

Adjust the date range to whichever dates you need. Then locate the “Sort by” box (it’s directly under the report title) and select Name. QuickBooks now sorts this list by the Name on the check. You can make other adjustments to this report by clicking the Modify Report button, such as adding or removing columns, changing the report title, or filtering for specific information.

Let me know if this helps you alphabetize checks in QuickBooks by posting a comment below. Thanks for writing.

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Aug 20, 2014 Alphabetize Checks in Quickbooks

by: Anonymous

That doesn’t work when you go to quick report it can not generate a quickreport without a name.

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