Backup File Size in QuickBooks

Learn about backup file size in QB

Here’s how to determine the backup file size. Do this before emailing, because large backups can’t be emailed. Your email provider AND your accountant’s email MUST allow for email attachments that are larger than the size of the QuickBooks backup file. Most free email is 10MB. Paid and business email can be up to 20MB.

Follow these steps:

  • Make a backup, and remember where you put it.
  • From My Computer in Windows, navigate to the backup.
  • Without clicking on the backup file, roll the mouse over it.
  • A yellow box appears. Several pieces of information are in it, including the size of the backup.

What if Your Backup is too Big to be Emailed?

If the backup file is too big to be emailed, use a file transfer service.

1. Upload your QuickBooks file to the service.
2. The service notifies your accountant by email that it has a file ready.
3. Your accountant goes to the service and downloads the file to his/her computer.
4. Once your accountant is finished, he/she can use the service to return the file to you.

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