Bank Reconciliations in QuickBooks

I’m going to tell you something you may not have heard before:

Your key to domination and longevity within your niche is with your balance sheet, NOT your P&L.

The balance sheet tells you were you ARE. It tells you what your business is worth, how much it has, how much it owes. You can compute important ratios to help you measure your business’ health. It is truly the definitive document in describing the health and financial composition of your business.

There is a GOLD MINE of information waiting for you in your balance sheet… but it must be managed correctly through accurate bank reconciliations.

Here’s a secret about most micro/small businesses I’ve worked with across the nation:

Your direct competitor probably does not examine his/her balance sheet on a regular basis. This is a huge opportunity for you, because with an accurate balance sheet, you can make better decisions about the future than your competitor can.

So let me show you all of the tips, tricks, and traps (to avoid!) in order to have an accurate balance sheet. Here is the 4th eBook in my “Get More from QuickBooks” series…

Get More from QuickBooks
Quick & Accurate Bank Recs

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Get this gold mine of information about bank reconciliations (often called “bank recs” in the accounting industry) for only $9.97.

Yes, that is right. I have put nearly everything I know about bank reconciliations into this eBook. And I’ve priced this 105 page treasure at only $9.97 because I want everybody who has QuickBooks to get it, and use it!

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To your business’ longevity and ultimate success,

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