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Welcome, JenniferThieme.com subscribers!

A big, warm welcome to my subscribers from JenniferThieme.com! My name is Jennifer and you originally subscribed to my newsletter at JenniferThieme.com. I have migrated all of the posts from that site to this one. That site is going away forever, and is being replaced with LedgerLight.com. My last name is no longer Thieme so … Continue reading Welcome, JenniferThieme.com subscribers!

Facebook wants access to your banking information

Previously, I wrote about how Facebook is like a bad boyfriend because of privacy violations that can't be justified under any known ethical theory. Now, the bad boyfriend wants access to your banking information. What could possibly go wrong? The Los Angeles Times reports: Facebook Inc.’s push to gain access to users’ banking data and … Continue reading Facebook wants access to your banking information

Facebook is like a bad boyfriend

I wrote a paper about Facebook this summer, for the Business Ethics course that I took. We had to choose a current ethical issue in the news, and apply the ethical theories we had learned to it. Now I just saw that Facebook's Chief Security Officer, Alex Stamos, is leaving this month, and nobody is going to replace him. That just doesn't look good. Even given what I said in the paper, I am still shaking my head in disbelief.