Can’t Backup QuickBooks Premier 2006

by Anonymous

All of a sudden I cannot backup QuickBooks Premier 2006. It says the file is read only, or that more than one user is logged on. We only have one user on one computer. Is there another way I can copy QB to substitute as a back up?

Jennifer replies:

Two thoughts here.

1. Yes, you can make a copy of the .qbw. Locate it, highlight it, right click, select copy, and then paste it to where ever you want it to copy.

Note that this does not resolve the problem, as the internal QuickBooks backup procedure must be run occassionally.

2. You might have a damaged data file. Try running the Verify Data utility:

If you run QB over a network, refer to the internal QB help before running the Verify Data or the Rebuild Data utilities.

File > Utilities > Verify Data

QB will alert you if there is a problem with your data. If there is a problem, run the Rebuild Data utility.

After running the Rebuild Data utility, you may be able to run a backup. Try it. If you can, great.

If you can’t, then you need outside help to get the data file fixed. Visit this link:

Tell them I sent you. They’ll get your data file working properly.

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