Can’t Restore Backup

Jennifer answers a reader’s question about “can’t restore backup” in QuickBooks.

“Hi Jennifer,

I just bought QuickBooks 2010. I was using QuickBooks 2006 before. I created a backup file from QB 2006, and tried to restore it to QB 2010, but it won’t restore. QB 2010 just ‘hangs’. I get no error message, and my entire computer freezes. I have to do a hard reboot to clear it out. Help!”

Jennifer answers:

I had something similar happen. I even called Intuit technical support and they didn’t have an answer. You didn’t mention your operating system, but the best I could determine is that it is due to a combination of these three things:

  • Windows XP
  • QuickBooks 2010
  • An older version of QB backup (ie 2009 or earlier)

In my case, my backup was from QB 2008. I was able to determine that my backup was fine, not corrupted, because I could restore it to another computer running Windows XP and QB 2009.

My solution was to load QB 2010 onto my son’s brand new computer that is running Windows 7. I then was able to restore the older QB backup to that computer and it worked just fine.

I don’t know if you have access to Windows 7 but if you do give this a try and see if it solves your problem about can’t restore backup.

Thanks for writing!

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Can’t restore backup

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