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Learn about QuickBooks as church accounting software

Looking for church accounting software? Consider QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit. Here’s why:

1. Most User Friendly. Do you understand the difference between a debit and a credit? Do you know what debit accounts are and what credit accounts are? Do you understand how the chart of account works? Do you understand how a profit and loss statement flows into a balance sheet? What is a balance sheet, anyway?

No, you don’t know? Well, then you definitely don’t want some other accounting program that requires you to know these things! Intuit has eliminated most of the accounting jargon for you, and has made many of the screens to look like the actual forms they represent.

Now don’t get me wrong – QuickBooks is still double entry bookkeeping. And you will need help with it from time to time, I promise (unless you ARE an accountant!) And this brings me to the next point…

2. Most Supported. QuickBooks has the largest market share of any accounting software package out there. This means that there it has the most offline and online help available. Some of the online help is even free.

Imagine being stuck with an accounting program that doesn’t have a lot of support options. Unless you ARE a fully-trained accountant, you will have questions from time to time. Using QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit as your church accounting software guarantees that the help you need is not far away.

Final Thoughts

QuickBooks Premier Non-Profit is a full featured program. Did you know that the entire line of QuickBooks Premier products is an extremely enhanced version of QuickBooks Pro? This means that QuickBooks Premier has all of the features of QuickBooks Pro, plus several important additions.

Click here to read about QuickBooks Pro, so you can get an idea of many of its features.

Click here to read about QuickBooks Premier, and to understand the difference between Premier and Pro.

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