I LOVE to talk to people about their businesses! Call me and let’s talk: (760) 933-8660. Tell me all about your business, what you’re happy with, what you think needs to improve. I want to hear about it. I will ask questions and will tell you what I think. No charge for the initial call, and I don’t charge existing accounting or tax clients for phone time. I don’t work with everybody who calls because it is not always a good mutual fit, but that’s OK. Let’s talk and at least make a networking connection.

About me: my name is Jennifer Johnson and I’ve worked in this industry since 1992, mostly as a freelance bookkeeper. My original training was through Universal Accounting, back in the days when it was still offered through a live instructor. (BTW, I absolutely recommend that program if you’re considering becoming an accounting freelancer for small businesses.)

I had clients across the country and was certified in QuickBooks from about 2004 to 2011. A gal who came on board with me in 2005 started as one of my smallest clients. She slowly grew to become my largest client. She needed a business manager, and I wanted to go to work for her. So she offered me a position and I sold my small practice. This was in 2011. I resigned from that position last year to work on my MSA (Masters of Science in Accountancy at UIUC) and my CPA license. Will be finished with the MSA in December 2018. Hope to be finished with the CPA exams by this time next year. I want to teach accounting at the college level as well as rebuild my client base.

If you are looking for somebody who is there for you, who understands the accounting side of business inside and out, who prepares accurate financial statements, who can give you actionable advice based on them, then call me.

I use transparent and flat-rate pricing. No invoice surprises. Allows my clients to have more accurate budgeting and better decision making. If you need:

  • CFO and accounting services for small business; QuickBooks training. See here for price list.
  • Individual income tax preparation services. See here for price list.
  • Financial statements for a loan (or any other reason). Fee: same as annual financial statements.

Give me a call at (760) 933-8660 or use the form below.