Correct Mistakes Easily

by Sharon

I wish that it was easier to go back and correct mistakes.

Jennifer replies:

Not to make light of your frustration, but QB is *extremely* forgiving about mistakes.

Imagine an accounting program that did not allow you to delete your mistakes, but instead you had to make reversing entries to negate the effect of your mistake? You then have to re-enter your corrected transaction. So there would be three entries:

1. Your original, mistaken, transaction
2. Your reversal, to negate the effect of your mistaken transaction
3. Your new, hopefully correct, transaction

What if the new transaction is wrong too? Too bad – you have to reverse it, then try again! So now we have five transactions in the file, instead of one.

I haven’t used a program like that lately, but my uncle does for his church accounting software, and he says it’s very frustrating! And back in the old days of DOS based software, most accounting programs were like that.

So QB is pretty good that way. It allows you to delete or alter most transactions. Some accountants might argue that QB allows for TOO much in that respect. Prior years can (and do!) get altered too easily, making it hard to keep the books in line with the tax returns.

Is there a specific issue you are having trouble correcting?

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Jan 22, 2011 Undo command

by: Jim

I think Sharon might have been wishing for an “Undo” command that would undo your previous entry(s). Quickbook lets you delete items individually but this can be a lot more difficult and confusing then just “undoing” something.
Jennifer – I just love your site and clear way of explaining something. You definitely have never worked for Microsoft or Intuit and that is a good thing!

Jennifer replies:

That’s very kind of you to say, Jim. Comments like that really make my day. Thank you!

Dec 08, 2009 Quick Books Payroll Help needed

by: Vaqas

My accountant has posted a payroll amount of an employee into other Expense account. Can you tell me how to fix this mistake.
If I double click on the payroll transection, I can see the cheque and the check details. I am trying to transfer that transection from “Other Expense” to “Payroll” Category.

Appreciate reply.


[Jennifer replies:]

If the QuickBooks Payroll module was used, then you will need to edit the Payroll Item.

But before you change this, please contact your accountant and be sure that it needs to be changed. Sometimes accountants have to do things that may not make sense at first. Please make sure the transactions actually NEEDS to be changed before changing it.

I hope this answers your question about QuickBooks payroll help. Thanks for writing.

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