Grey out reconciled transactions when reconciling

by Tracy

I’m a novice user, so PLEASE tell me if I just can’t find these features! When I reconcile, I work off a paper bank statement, and here’s my problem: say I can’t find a transaction for -$124.50 but I’m 90% done with my reconciliation. What I want is to have the screen grey out any transaction already cleared, so that when I’m scrolling through the 300 transactions to try and locate the -$124.50, I can only concentrate on the uncleared transactions. The dollar amount is on one side of the screen, and the checkmarks are on the other side, so I can’t easily tell (by visually scanning)which transactions are still “up for grabs”.

Secondly, and related, I’d like a feature like the search feature in Word. I want to click cntrl-F to get a search field and enter 124.50 to see if it exists on the reconciliation page. That would be much faster than my scanning, then scanning again, then giving up because I can’t see it, then my husband saying “There it is!” tucked in the list somewhere because I couldn’t find it.


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