How to Search for a Lost Check?

by Sheon Samuel
(St. John’s Antigua )

I printed a check in QuickBooks yesterday, and for the life of me it made no record of that transaction. How can I verify this transaction?

Jennifer relies:

There are a few ways to search for a lost check in QuickBooks.

1. Scroll through the checking account register and look for any transaction that occured on the date that appears on the check.

2. Use the Find feature to locate any transaction in the same amount as the check. Here’s how.

Press Control-F. This opens the Find window. Click the Advanced tab. In the Choose Filter box, select Amount. Select the circle that says “=” (equals). Enter the amount of the check in the box. Click Find. QuickBooks locates every transaction for that amount.

3. Use the Find feature to locate the check number. Here’s how.

Press Control-F. Click the Simple tab. In the Transaction Type box, select Check. In the Number field, enter the check number. Click Find. QB displays all checks with that number.

3. Use the Find feature to search for the payee. Just open the Payee drop-down box and locate the payee here in the Find window, Simple tab. Then click Find.

4. Use the Find feature to search for all transactions on the date of the check. Again in the Find window, in the Simple tab, enter the date of the check in BOTH of the date boxes. Click Find. QB displays all transactions on that date.

Tips for Using the Find feature of QB

It’s important to clear your searches before performing more searches. Do this by clicking the Reset button (located below the Find button). If you don’t clear your searches each time, then QuickBooks includes the criteria from the former search into the new search, giving undesired results.

You can filter for very specific data in the Find window. Click the Advanced tab and notice how many filters there are. Each one can be customized. This makes searches very accurate and laser-focused.

If you would post a comment letting me know if this helps you search for the lost check, I’d appreciate it. Thanks for writing.

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Nov 09, 2012 Nice job

by: Anonymous

Thanks for the useful advice

Apr 10, 2013 Finding checks

by: Anonymous

Very helpful, thank you.

Nov 15, 2013 Searching for lost check(s)

by: Linda

My search for lost checks using the Ctrl F function was unsuccessful, unfortunately. Still can’t determine how checks printed without recording….

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