I need a template for setting up QB for govt contracting

by Marion
(Rhode Island)

Hi. My husband and I own a very small (just the 2 of us so far) consulting firm. Our clients are DoD commands. Although, as subcontractors, we are unlikely to be audited I would like to alter my Chart of Accounts for 2010 to be more in keeping with govt accounting standards (in case we prime a contract in the future). I just need a template to base my Chart of Accounts on. I understand I will need to set up additional Excel spreadsheets. We have no inventory, we have Paychex do our payroll, and we are consultants. I need a way to track direct and indirect expenses and unallowables. I also need some clear cut examples of G & A and Overhead. My accountant sees everything as Overhead, but the govt doesn’t!

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Apr 28, 2011 Did you find a template?

by: Anonymous

Marion, did you ever find a template? I have a similar situation

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