Last week’s poll: introductory financial accounting

Last week I ran a poll on Twitter:

I asked participants to have one of two qualifications: a bachelor’s degree in accounting, or a CPA license. The question read:

“Has anybody ever told you that they wished they could have pursued a degree in accounting, but they couldn’t pass the introductory financial accounting course?”

63 people participated in the poll. 78% answered no, 22% answered yes.

I ran this poll because:

  1. After I finished my BSBA in Accounting, I had a number of people tell me that they wished they could have gotten their degrees in accounting, but that they couldn’t get past the introductory financial accounting course. I wanted to know if I was alone or if others had the same experience.
  2. The intro course for accounting is known to be a “weeder” course, which means that it weeds out people who can’t pass. The problem as I see it right now is that it not only weeds people out of accounting degrees, it also weeds them out of business majors in general. That’s because that course is required for any business major, not just accounting majors.
  3. Related to #2, I really don’t think the material in that course is super hard, although it IS counterintuitive at first. So I wonder if some students need more preparation in order to pass it. They might still not want to be accounting majors, but they can pursue some other business degree if that appeals to them. I am interested in accounting education and this is a question I hope to explore in the future.

I have no way of knowing if the people who responded actually possessed the qualifications I asked them to possess. But I assume that they did. The results can’t be generalized but I still find them interesting. It means I’m not alone and that perhaps there is more digging I can do in this area. Thanks to everybody who participated, and especially to those who retweeted it:








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