Is Payroll Service Needed?

by Alan

I am the sole officer and the only person on the payroll of a C Corp. Is it necessary for me to be enrolled for Intuits basic payroll service?

I am aware of all my deductions and there related amounts, of which rarely if ever get changed over the course of the year.

Can I just imput the values in the initial employee payroll set-up? and wil these values remain until the time of a required adjustment from the State?

Thank you,


Jennifer replies:

Hello Alan. I NEVER recommend for people to do their own payroll. Never. I don’t even do my own payroll, and I’m trained in it.

Burn this into your mind:

Payroll is a nightmare of rules and regulations.

Are nightmares fun? Are they something you look forward to? Do you want to deal with them, ever?

If so, then do your own payroll and be prepared for the nightmare to strike at an unexpected and inopportune time.

If not, then you know what to do. 🙂

I hope this answers your question about needing a payroll service. Take care and thanks for writing.

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