Job Status Displayed on Timesheet

by Cherie
(San Ramon, California)

I’d like to see the Job Status displayed when selecting the Customer:Job from the drop-down menu when entering hours into the weekly timesheet.

I am a Mac QB user and I will not go into how many things need to be added for us poor Mac users, however, this one little thing would be nice. When you are entering hours into the timesheet, it would be nice to see the job status in the dropdown menu. Jobs end up having similar names and it would be nice to see which jobs are closed, billed, open etc.

Jennifer Thieme replies:

Great idea Cherie! I can see how that would be helpful.

Just to make you feel better about QB for Mac… even the Premier & Enterprise versions of QB for Windows do not offer this feature that you would like.

I read a lot of accounting forums, boards, etc., and I often get the impression that QB for Mac users feel cheated or “gyped” – they seem to think that their version of QB Pro is somehow inferior to the Windows version of QB Pro. (Not that you are saying that… but I want to address it just in case.)

The truth is that QB Pro for Windows and QB Pro for Mac are quite comparable in their features.

QB Pro – for Windows OR Mac – is different from the PREMIER versions of QB.

Premier (available only for Windows) has Sales Orders, Inventory Assemblies, Business Plans, and other industry-specific features and reports.

At any rate… I hope I don’t sound preachy! It’s just something to think about.

Here’s something I wrote about QB Premier for those who are interested:

What’s the Difference Between QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Pro?

Take care and thanks for writing. I appreciate your insight and would not have thought of that idea. 🙂

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