Ledger Light logo… from before LedgerLight.com existed

I am getting ready to move, and so have been going through boxes and drawers. Moving is quite a sorting process, isn’t it?

I’ve been in this industry for my entire career, but it has taken unexpected turns. I mostly freelanced, but not always, and I hope to teach accounting at the college level fairly soon. I’ve owned the LedgerLight.com domain for a number of months now, and when I set it up I needed to pick a logo. I wanted something cheery and bright, to reflect the domain as well as the sort of work I want to do in this field. I found a free sun logo that I uploaded. I like it a lot but I may get something different in the future. Accounting has a reputation for being dreary and boring, but I want to brighten it up a bit.

Anyway, I was going through some boxes today and came across quite a few of my old document stamps. They say things like Paid, File, Posted, Mailed, Void, For Deposit Only… stuff like that. They’re really nice for doing bookkeeping work. They make it easy to glance at a document to see its status or what needs to be done with it.

document stamps
Some of my old document stamps

Years ago, I was looking to buy a document stamp that said Reconciled. Seemed logical to me to have one, and I knew I’d use it a lot. Reconciling bank and credit card statements is something that has to be done, regularly. I looked and looked, but when I couldn’t find one I decided to have one custom made. I thought it would be cute to have a little image on it, so that’s what I did. Imagine my delight at seeing it again today:

reconciled stamp
Sun logo on an old custom-made document stamp of mine

I just smiled when I saw it, because the current branding is new. It’s not from when I freelanced previously.

Under it you will see my CPA exam study materials. I hope to take REG before Sept. 10, the cutoff for this quarter.


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