More letter templates

by Amy
(Mesa, AZ)

I am a co-owner and office manager of our construction company. I alone have to run the office, while my husband manages the field. I wish QB offered a wider range of “typical” letters that one would send, customized to my type of company.

I mean, when I set up my New Account, I chose Construction and “S” corp, etc. I wish the Templates were more custom & a wider variety of topic. That would make my life easier, since I am learning as I go here…

Jennifer Thieme replies:

Thanks for the input Amy. I agree that the templates are limited in their scope. I don’t know of a good work around. Maybe somebody else here does.

Does anybody here reading this know of a good way to have QB import the necessary data into a more customized letter template? Please let us know by adding a comment. Thanks!

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