Moving Data to a New Computer

by Melinda
(Los Angeles, CA)

Hi Jennifer~

I need to move my data to a new ocmputer, to a fire wire used with my new computer. Both PC’s.

I just now installed QB (same version) on my new computer and need to be able to use data stored on fire wire. My company is winding down and I will only need to use QB for this company through August and then will be in compressed storage.

What is the simplest way to do this?

Thanks Jennifer for being a QB angel at just the right time.

Melinda in Los Angeles

Jennifer replies:

Melinda you are killing me! 🙂 I’m so sorry this answer has taken so long. Things have been crazy around here personally, more than I can share. So I don’t feel like much of an angel these days.

Anyway, you probably have your answer by now, and it’s just as well, because I wouldn’t have been able to help you anyway, due to a little secret I will share with you now….

I don’t know what a fire wire is!

Ok, there, I said it. Perhaps somebody here can enlighten me. The only thing I know about fire wires is that they have something to do with Macintoshes…. but you say you use a PC, so I am doubly in the dark here…. sorry I couldn’t be helpful.

Take care and thanks for writing.

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