New Customers not Saving in Customer List

by Jason
(Fort Worth, TX)

I have a new copy of QuickBooks Pro 2008. I imported a different businesses’ Items list (approx 10000 items) and all looks good.

Problems come up when I try to create a new invoice. I create a new customer, and the invoice is created. After that, if I try to create another invoice, the customer I created is not available in the drop down box. I go to the Customer Center, and it is empty.

If I create a customer from the customer center (without an invoice) it will stay in the Customer Center list, but still unavailable from the drop down within invoices.

If I then close out QuickBooks all together, and reopen, the customers appear in the drop down list (temporarily) and then they will disappear after any transactions are completed.

I am unable to use QuickBooks for anything if I can’t pull customers… Please help!

Jennifer replies:

I don’t know the answer to this one, but Intuit offers free support for certain types of issues. I think your issue qualifies, as it seems to be a technical/bug issue, and not a QB training issue.

Go to this link and fill out the forms as completely as you are able. You should get a response back very quickly – usually 30 minutes (copy and paste the url below into your browser).

Sorry I can’t be more helpful. Let me know if they take care of this for you.

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May 06, 2008 Customers not Saving… update

by: Jason

Ok.. Very odd situation here.
I have found a solution to my problem. It appears that the import may have been corrupted because it was so large. I created a new business profile, and imported the file again. This time, everything seems to be working perfectly (for the last 3 days at least). Hope that keeps someone else from banging thier head on the desk!Jason

[Jennifer replies:]

Thanks for the update Jason. Take care and keep in touch.

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