Old vendor Bills in QuickBooks

by James Rimell
(South Africa)

I have old bills on the system that have not been posted against the original Cheque payment that was made, I cannot delete them as the VAT period is closed, how does one take them off the bills to be paid or associate it with the cheque payment?

Amanda replies:

It depends how you made the payment. If the bill was entered through the “Enter Bills” screen and was linked to the check at one point, you can open up the check and ‘link’ it back to the check by placing a checkmark next to it in the lower half of the window. It won’t change anything in your system.

If the payment was made by anything other than the “Pay Bills” screen (just cutting the check directly from the check register) you won’t need to attach the bill unless you need it to post to a different date than the check is dated.

If you need to keep the bill pymt, open up the check and PRINT the check (so you have all the info in front of you), then DELETE it. Go into the bill pymt screen, select your bill and create a new check using the EXACT information from the check you deleted.

If the check has been reconciled, don’t worry, you can reconcile it at the end of the current month. Your beg bal will be off, but the ending bal will match once you re-clear the check in the recon window.

However, if you no longer need the bill in the system anymore (you forgot to remove it or the vendor was never paid, etc), you will need to enter a bill pymt ‘credit’ for the exact dollar amount in the current period. Then select the bill for payment in the “Pay Bills” screen, apply the credit against it by clicking the Apply Credits button, and it will disappear from your a/p aging reports.

I hope something here helps you with old vendor bills in QuickBooks!

Amanda at univamgroup@yahoo.com

Comments for Old vendor Bills in QuickBooks

Mar 12, 2014 Entering old vendor bill payments in quickbooks

by: Anonymous

Payments have been made to a vendor but they were not applied, how do I enter these old payments?

Jul 18, 2014 Different Time Periods

by: Jennifer

This is really good if your bills and credit are in the same period, but what do you do if the credit and the bills are in different years?

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