Our QB file is huge and slow

by Roberta
(New York, NY)

Dear Jennifer:

We have used QB since 2000 and now the file is huge and slow. We can no longer email to our accountant.

We are told that condensing will not affect the size by more than 10%. We really do not need information before 2007 although we do want to keep the full file for reference.

Condensings will not do what we want.

Any suggestions before we dump QB and find something else?

Thank you.

Amanda replies:

You may want to check into a new computer or upgrading. We also had huge files in quickbooks and it was bogging us down until we upgraded our computers. The only other option is to remove and archive files.

Amanda at univamgroup@yahoo.com

Jennifer replies:

I would add that you probably want to start a brand new QB file for 2010. You can still keep the old file, but a new file will be much easier to work with on a day to day basis.

Also have you tried uploading the file to a secure file transfer service rather than emailing it? I use this one:


It’s completely free and secure. Files can be up to 100MB. If you need more space, you can upgrade to a paid account. They have “pay per use” or monthly subscription services that can handle files up to 2GB.

Thanks for writing.

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