What percentage of annual revenue do QuickBooks consultants earn by performing QuickBooks cleanup services?

My latest poll is now live on Twitter. If you are on Twitter, and if your firm offers QuickBooks services, this poll is for you. I want to know what percentage of annual revenue these kinds of firms make performing QuickBooks cleanup services. The poll will run for a week.

I will write a post about the results, and am really looking forward to seeing what they are! When I do, I will talk about my own firm’s percentage of annual revenue performing QuickBooks cleanup services as well as my prediction for the results of this poll.

There was no room in the poll to define “QuickBooks cleanup services.” By not defining that phrase, I made a significant assumption. I assumed that people who perform such services will understand it to mean:

  • any work done in the client’s QuickBooks file
  • that was done not done by the QuickBooks consultant taking the poll
  • that was done incorrectly and needs to be fixed

It is possible that I’ve made too big an assumption. However, I doubt it. There does seem to be understanding within the community of people who support QuickBooks about what that phrase means. I have never seen controversy about it online. I suspect that anybody who offers QuickBooks support services has performed cleanup work.

Another assumption I’ve made is that people will know what percentage of their revenue is from that kind of work. I thought about phrasing the poll in terms of percentage of time rather than percentage of revenue. I am not sure how I will know which way would be better. We’ll see how this one goes.

Take the poll by clicking here or anywhere on it below:

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