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I provide food products to over 50 distributors from about 10 manufactures and re-distributors.
Can I track and trend the movement of each product between the two using QB? Including order date, delivery date, payment dates, etc. Please advise. Thanks.

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Mar 19, 2010 Re food broker

by: glen

I have a food broker customer who uses QB pro. We are currently looking into setting up QB to replace the RPMS system. We are in the planning phases …but preliminary planning includes creating a SO from the Distributor or Customer to the Vendor. From the SO create a PO that is sent or EDI’d to the Vendor or Manufacturer. Then from the same SO create an invoice modified to discount items to the amount of commission due from the Vendor or Manufacturer ….We need to work out how that invoice should be formated, not sure to use Vendor as Job, uses classes or Rep…we still need to smooth that portion out. But in the end we will end up with AR invoices that we can post payments from the broker against.
Question: Since this is yet to be setup and tested have you had any success with getting QB to work for you? Do you know of any addons already done? You have my email above. Thanks

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