Quickbooks 2008 and windows mail (Vista)

Hi there,

I have recently upgraded my laptop and it has Vista. So I installed Quickbooks 2008. Now I am having trouble emailing invoices via Windows Mail. How do I make Quickbooks recognise Windows mail as the Default to send the invoices. I have already made Windows mail the Default email client via windows settings. Quickbooks seems to be looking for a profile via Microsoft Outlook which I am not interested in.

Can this be changed so I can use Windows Mail to send the invoices?



Jennifer replies:

Instead of using a third party email client, just email the invoices directly from QuickBooks. You will need to adjust your preferences in order to do this.

Then, in the BCC field, enter YOUR email address. Of course you will also want to enter your email address in the FROM field, but entering it in the BCC field sends you a copy.

This is what I do and I like it a lot. Works great.

I hope this helps with your QuickBooks 2008 and windows mail vista problem. Thanks for writing.

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