QuickBooks Bank Reconcilation Error

Hi Jennifer,

I was reconciling in QuickBooks and accidentally my thumb hit the enter button and the compter Reconciled. The computer thinks I have reconciled for the month but thats not true, I have not… my thumb accdientally hit the enter button and reconciled. What should I do? Help me please
thank you
Lina Lakhany

Amanda replies:

It’s a very easy fix. Your bank statement cannot reconcile that quickly unless your bank & book balance matched… otherwise it will flag the reconciliation with a pop up window that automatically defaults back to your reconciliation screen. Apparently, your balances matched!

Go back into your reconciliation screen, type in the same month ending date and finish your reconciliation…it’s that easy. When you reconcile and print, it will merge together both reconciliations and it will all show on a single printout.

I hope this answers your question about your QuickBooks bank reconciliation error.

Amanda at univamgroup@yahoo.com

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May 10, 2011 bank error

by: Anonymous

How to fix a bank error in the Quickbook while reconcile?Adjusting entry or there is an another way?
Thank you

Dec 05, 2011 old mistake

by: Melissa

hi, i have clients who sometimes pay without identifing who they are. i created a ‘client’ called ‘mystery deposits’ to be able to enter these payments and later apply them.
i recently found the identity of a deposit made in 2009 and i changed the customer to the correct one but by doing this i had to undo the deposit and re-do it. this uncleared it from the reconcilations. problem is i now have 23 bank statements to re-reconcile so my latest statement isn’t 10k out. is there an easier way of doing this? i know this will take me a long time to go back and have to tick each transaction for each banking month. please tell me if there is.thank you.

Oct 11, 2013 Question Re: Bank Rec Error

by: Anonymous

Hello Jennifer,
I was reconciling my bank statement with the register. I changed the date with ending date of 9/30/2013 and the bank ending balance which is the bank statement ending balance. Then I started checking off all the cleared checks. The box on the upper right shows “Diff is 0”. I clicked on the “Finish” and “Save” button. After I did this, my screen went blank and when it came back up, the box is showing the “Diff Amount” is the amount of the “Bank Ending Balance”. I am not sure if that is normal or I mess up big time.Can you please help me.

Thank you.

Debbie T

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