Quickbooks Export to specific Excel worksheet

How do I export a Quickbooks file to a specific Excel worksheet?

I am using Quickbooks Pro 2007 on a single-user desktop. I have had success exporting a file into Excel if I let it create a new worksheet. However, if I specify a worksheet, it gives me a “Server busy” error with “switch to” and “retry” options.

Amanda replies:

I’m not sure why it will not allow you to specify a file. Select ‘export’ then choose ‘existing excel workbook’. Browse to your excel file and press ‘open’. Then select an existing sheet or new sheet in the workbook. You may want to also click on the bottom choice that explains worksheet linking-it may help. This should work very easily. If it’s not working, the only thing I can suggest is to create a new excel workbook and copy the worksheet over into your existing excel file. It may be a compatibility issue…..which is not my expertise.

Amanda at univamgroup@yahoo.com

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