QuickBooks Online Banking – Can’t Delete the QuickStatement?

Are you having trouble deleting the QuickStatement from the QuickBooks online banking center? Here are some suggestions:

1. Match Transactions First. Make certain that all matchable transactions have been matched. Then, at the main Online Banking Center page, make sure the QuickStatement is highlighted yellow, then click the Delete button in the lower right corner of the screen.

2. Press Control–Delete. Instead of simply pressing the Delete button, press Control–Delete. This may do the trick.

3. Current Release. Make certain you are running the most current release of your software. Depending on the version of QB you run, the instructions vary for updating QB. Locate the internal Help in QB and find out how to get the most current release of your software (note that ‘release’ is not the same as ‘upgrade’).

4. Verify Data. Run the Verify Data utility. From the File menu, select Utilities, then select Verify Data. This may find a glitch in the data file causing your QuickStatement to remain undeleted. If one is found, QB will prompt you to run the Rebuild Data utility. Only run the Rebuild if QB prompts you do so.

Important: please refer to QuickBooks’ internal help before running the Rebuild utility if you are using QuickBooks on a network.

5. Restore a Backup. If you made a backup immediately prior to your online banking session, AND the backup did not contain any of the unmatchable transactions, you may restore it. However, any work you did during your QB online banking session will be lost. You need to weigh whether or not this will be a good approach to solving the problem. And of course, it does not solve the problem if the unmatchable transactions were downloaded before you made the backup.

QuickStatement Still There?

If none of these methods work, and if you really want to get that QuickStatement cleared, you will need to enter the transactions into the register and then delete them. Do the following:

  • Go to the Chart of Accounts and create a new expense account called QuickStatement Goof-Up.
  • Go back to the QuickBooks online banking center. Enter the transactions into the register. Assign each one the QuickStatement Goof-Up account in the Account box.
  • When all transactions have been entered, exit the online banking center.
  • Go to the Chart of Accounts. Scroll to the QuickStatement Goof-Up account. Right click, and select QuickReport.
  • If necessary, adjust the date range so that ALL of the transactions you just entered appear here.
  • One by one, double click on each. It should open to the Write Checks screen each time. Press Control-D to delete each, one at a time.
  • Once all of the transactions have been deleted, delete the QuickStatement Goof-Up account.

Your next session with QuickBooks online banking will now have a clear QuickStatement.

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