QuickBooks Online Banking

by Helen

I find Quickbooks online banking (Pro 2007) very clumsy. I deal with six chartered banks and two credit unions, and if I have the Online Banking screen up with a bank displayed and I go into one of the displayed accounts, after I exit that account, I expect to RETURN to the QuickBooks Online Banking screen I just left. What a surprise when I return instead to the Online Banking screen for a different bank entirely. It should return to the screen I just left. I have discovered a workaround – you have to select the bank in Online Banking, then exit Online Banking and re-enter it. Now the screen will return to that bank.

I also find that I hate the automatic cheque numbering – I have thirty weekly mortgage payments automatically debited to one bank account and I have put them all into memorized transactions with the name of the property in the “cheque” field. Quickbooks insists on overwriting that data with a meaningless cheque number.

How does one get rid of NIL online transactions, if you can’t post a NIL transaction in the register?

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