QuickBooks Payroll in Progress

by Mike

I get time slips at different times after the pay period ending. I would like to enter the time slips as they are received and then when they are all entered, print the payroll. Now I have to wait until they are all there and enter the payroll all at once and then hope I really did have all the timeslips.

Jennifer replies:

Hmmmm…. well let me preface this by saying that I am not an expert in QuickBooks payroll. I know I SHOULD be but I’m not. The times I’ve used it I have been discouraged and not impressed. Too inflexible for my taste. I use and recommend Paycycle, which as an interesting turn of events, was recently aquired by Intuit! I just hope Intuit doesn’t change it at all because I think it’s the best.

ANYWAY…. I know that you can enter the daily time in the Enter Time window:

Employees > Enter Time > Use Weekly Timesheet

This way you can see each day as you enter it, and save your work. Then when it’s time to run the payroll I assume you can enter it from here…. again I haven’t actually done a payroll from this window so I am guessing.

Please give it a try and let me know how it goes.

I hope this helps with your question about QuickBooks payroll in progress. Thanks for writing.

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