What’s the Difference Between QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Pro?

What’s the difference between QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Pro?

If you are considering the extra expense of QB Premier, be sure to familiarize yourself with QuickBooks Pro, as Premier is an extremely enhanced version of Pro.

Premier has several important features Pro does not have. Three of the most popular of these are
Sales Orders
, Inventory Assemblies, and Business Plans.

Besides the three features mentioned, QB Premier can help you forecast sales, and forecast expenses. It’s available in industry specific versions, which are are customized for each industry. Industry-specific reports and customized charts of accounts are just two of the customizations available. Industries available for Premier are:

  • Accountant Edition
  • Contractor Edition
  • Wholesale and Manufacturing
  • Nonprofit Edition
  • Professional Services Edition
  • Retail Edition

Like Pro, Premier handles up to five simultaneous users. If you need more users, consider using QB Enterprise Solution or QB Online. Enterprise is good if you have inventory and up to ten users. QB Online is good for up to 20 users, but does not currently handle inventory.

What are Inventory Assemblies?

Inventory assemblies are the ability to take individual items in the Item List, and create them into a unique Item in that list. Let’s say, for example, that you operate a gift shop and wish to create a gift basket with individual items in your Item List. You have chocolate hearts, chocolate flowers, stickers, mugs, and caramel popcorn that you want to include in the basket, as well as the basket itself. In QB you can take each of these individual items and combine them into a brand new item in the Item List. After the assembly is built, that new item can be used on other forms in QB, such as the Invoice form. You can ‘build’ as many of these as you wish in QB.

Need help with QuickBooks Inventory Assemblies? I’ve written detailed instructions to help you do them right.

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