Strong Passwords for QuickBooks and Online Banking

Do you use strong passwords for QuickBooks and for online banking activities?

Having a strong password is a must, but one problem with
creating them is that they can be difficult to remember. Here are some
tips to help you create the best passwords that are also easy to

And that’s the key: they must be difficult to crack, but easy for you to recall.

Use Phonics to Create Very Strong Passwords

In English, sounds can often be spelled many different ways. Let’s take the long A sound, as in ate. It can be spelled like this:

a – as it ate
ai – as in sail
ay – as in play
ey – as in they

Even consonants can be spelled. Take the consonant C. It can be spelled like this:


Think about other letters too. Any letter can be spelled phonetically.

Incorporate this concept to make a strong password. For example, let’s say your initials are SRF. We can spell it like this:


Let’s say you were born in 1956. We’ll add the last two digits to the password:


Use A Password Checker Tool

You can find many reliable options online – just be sure to choose a
trustworthy site such as a college or government site.

Here’s Another Idea…
Use a Meaningful Symbol to Create Strong Passwords

Here is a list of symbols and some suggested uses.

! excitement, strong emotion
@ the letter A, the word “at”
# number, pound, tic-tac-toe
$ money, value, the letter S
% a part of something
^ raised eyebrow, upside down V
& the word “and”, this and that, twins
( the letter c, the moon
) the moon; anything lunar or crazy
* sunny, bright, starry
+ adding one thing to another
= balance, equanimity, this is the same as that
< this is less than that, this is younger than that
> this is greater than that, this is older than that
? unknown, variable, questionable
~ water, wind

Can You Figure These Out?

Get creative! Here some examples using the phonics idea and the symbol idea together to create strong passwords.

  • Your 1st born daughter’s initials are JLM
  • She was born in 1987
  • She has a sunny and bright disposition

Potential password: *1stJ87lm

  • You are a twin
  • Your initials are ABO
  • Your twin’s initials are STO
  • The last two digits of your Social Security Number are 58

Potential password: Abo58&Sto

  • Your oldest child’s initials are MWP
  • Your next oldest child’s initials are SEP
  • They were born in 1981 and 1983, respectively

Potential password: Mwp81>83Sep

Are You Using These Tips for Strong Passwords? You Should Be!

  • Don’t choose a word that can be found in a dictionary.
  • Use both upper and lower case letters.
  • Use at least one number.
  • Do not begin or end the password with a number.
  • Make the password at least eight characters.
  • Use a symbol.
  • Strong passwords should be easy to type – practice your new
    password in your word processor; get it to flow smoothly off your

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