QuickBooks Sunset Policy

by Carl

My online banking transaction importing feature no longer works! Because i have a 3 year old version of QB, they’ve disabled the feature.

I used to go directly to my bank’s site (Chase). Then I would download the QBO file and import it to QB. When I tried it a month ago, I got an error. Nothing changed with my bank’s systems, and nothing changed on my QB software. But upon further investigation online, I found that it’s an incentive scheme to force me to pay $200 for the newest version of QB, which i emphatically don’t need, because I don’t have any use for any of the latest features they’ve added.

They claim that “add-on” features in 3 year old versions of QB get discontinued. But when you look at the list of “add-on” features on Intuit’s site, you find that most of them are paid “add-ons” like Payroll, Credit Card Processing, Bill Pay, and Online Billing. And “Online Banking”, which is free and just needs to be switched on in the program, is also on the list.

So if you are a basic user just keeping your books in order, but you want to have the convenience of importing your bank transactions, you better be interested in paying $200 every 3 years for newest QB. I have yet to come across a good reason for disabling this functionality at the arbitrary 3 year mark. If my bank changes something on their end, and it won’t work with my QB program anymore, then I understand why it would quit working. But that’s not what’s happening.

Jennifer replies:

My wish is that Intuit would make these issues more clear BEFORE people purchased the software, this way the customers could make a fully informed choice. It’s a rather rude awakening to find out later that certain services no longer work after three years. It’s called the QuickBooks Sunset Policy and I’m sure it was all in the licensing agreement you agreed to when installing the software, but still. People don’t read those things very carefully.

Comments for QuickBooks Sunset Policy

Nov 10, 2015 by: Clark_T

I have yet to come across a good reason for disabling this functionality at the arbitrary 3 year mark.

Aug 30, 2013 Bypass Intuit’s bank download sunset

by: Glyn

It is possible to defeat the QuickBooks/Quicken sunset policy. I am continuing to enter bank transactions automatically into QuickBooks 2010 and Quicken 2010. For the workaround –email address removed–.

Apr 01, 2013 Alternative accounting software for small business

by: Lucy Godwin

Hi Carl and Jennifer

I’m not sure if you’re in the market for an accounting solution that doesn’t force users to upgrade, but just wanted to suggest that Xero might suit you if you’re having difficulty with your current software.

There’s only one version of our software – so no clashes or expensive forced upgrades. All updates are free and automatic, so you’ve always got the latest features, without having to do a thing.

If you happen to be interested, there’s some great information on our website. You can sign up for a 60-day free trial if you’re curious (with no obligation to purchase): http://www.xero.com/

Happy to answer any questions you may have!



–email address removed–

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