QuickBooks Tab Key – Work More Quickly!

Do You Want to Spend Less Time Doing Bookkeeping?

Do You Want to Spend Less Actual Time in the QuickBooks File?

I’ve developed QuickBooks tips that will help you spend less time in QB, tips that I won’t share with the general public. I’ve been collecting these little gems for a couple years, waiting to share them to a special group of people – YOU, my ezine subscribers!

But me sharing tips with you is totally worthless….

….unless you apply them! In order to work more quickly in QuickBooks, you must apply what I suggest. Reading great tips does nothing by itself!

But don’t worry. I’m not going to inundate you with an entire list of tips. Instead, I’ll give you one a month. Very digestible. But more importantly:

If I had my wish, you would practice each tip for the entire month, until it became second nature to you.

The power of these tips is that they will help you shave time you spend in your QuickBooks file. Here a little, there a little… it all adds up. Shaving time, saving time, means more time for YOU.

Ready? Let’s begin. Here’s our first tip.

Tip #1: Use the Tab Key to Move the Cursor in QuickBooks
It sounds easy, but I promise, this will be a lot harder than it sounds. Changing bodily habits is tough!

“Bodily habits?” you ask. Yes. Your body is accustomed to reaching for the mouse. Your arm and your hand will continue to reach for the mouse unless you remember to do something else.

Reaching for the mouse may not sound time consuming, but I guarantee that it takes more time than using the Tab key. Compute that extra time over the course of thousands of transactions in the period of a year.

Whatever that number is, it’s more time than is necessary.

Start right now. Open your QuickBooks file, navigate to the Write Checks screen, and use the Tab key to move the cursor through the fields. Now reach for the mouse and move the cursor around.

Which Habit is Quicker?

You can use the tab key on ANY screen:

  • Write Checks
  • Invoices/Sales Receipts/Credit Memos
  • Enter Bills/Credits
  • Enter Credit Card Charges
  • Purchase Orders/Sales Orders
  • Any screen in QB!

What about Moving Backwards?

Instead of reaching for the mouse, press the Control-Tab keys. Try it now.

Remember two things:

1. Your body will resist you! Consistency is the key for this habit to be formed. Every time you see yourself reaching for the mouse, stop immediately and use the tab key.

2. The effect is cumulative. The time savings in a single transaction is not a lot, but the power of this tip lies in its cumulative effect over a period of days, weeks, and months. Imagine the effect over a period of years!

Your Assignment:

Practice, practice, practice. Use the Tab key to move forwards, and use Control-Tab to move backwards. Work so that reaching for the mouse becomes awkward. Once you get there, you’ll understand why I think this is a gem of a tip!

I wonder…will you be fluent with this tip by my next newsletter?

I think you will!

With My Hopes for Your Success and Happiness…

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