Recover a deleted transaction in QuickBooks

Here is an actual question I received about how to recover a deleted transaction in QuickBooks.

Hi Jennifer,

I just deleted a HUGE journal entry that took me a couple hours to enter. I closed and saved it, went back later to print it and meant to delete a single LINE from the entry, but accidentally deleted the entire journal entry. It there any way to retrieve it? Help!

My answer:

Hi Jo,

Try running the following report:

Reports > Accountant & Taxes > Voided/Deleted Transactions Summary

Once QuickBooks creates the report, change the date range at the top to match the date you deleted the transaction. See if you can get the details there. You can also run a detailed version of the report:

Reports > Accountant & Taxes > Voided/Deleted Transactions Detail

This will NOT recreate the actual transaction. But it may give you the details so you can enter it again.

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Theresa asked: I was checking the American express statements with the entries in Quick books and found there were duplicated amounts entered. I deleted a few entries that were applied to entered bills. Can go back and restore those deleted items? 

Susan asked: So there is no way to reverse a deleted deposit?

My answer:

Deleted transactions cannot be automatically restored or reversed. To delete something means to make it go away forever. Since it is gone forever, it can’t be automatically restored or reversed. It must be re-entered. In the case of payments applied to vendor bills, in addition to being re-entered, those payments need to be reapplied to the bills. Also, if the vendor bill payments had been reconciled, the next reconcilation’s beginning balance will be different by the amount of the deleted bill payments.

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