Below are actual client testimonials Jennifer received for her work as a QuickBooks consultant, a freelance bookkeeper, and as a writer of QuickBooks articles.

This article TOTALLY told me how to fix this problem. It was concise and easy, and for us “non-accountants” it got right to the point and I moved on. I do wish it could have answered how to fix negative balances that DO have a bill applied against them…that was my next question.


Thank you for this very helpful article! I appreciate your clear, easy to follow explanation!

Melissa Ceyrolles

Thanks for the easy to understand description of how a credit card is accounted for in Quickbooks. I look forward to reading more of your lessons.

Chris Wittenbrink

Great to work with you Jennifer! You answered all my questions. It’s nice to have someone who knows QuickBooks so well and that I can refer clients to.

Mark Perez, Cash Management Sales Representative
(from a leading financial bank, bank name withheld by request)

You’ve given me more information in our short phone call than my accountant has given me in six years!

Cheryl McCool
Cheryl’s Doggie Day Care, Columbus, Ohio

Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for making the journal entries. You books and my book agree. Yippee !!

I also want to thank you very much for all of your help and for giving me the books in such good shape – it really helped.

Best regards,

Gary Spears, CPA, Texas

Morning Jennifer,

I now have the peace of mind knowing you are available to help me with my Quickbooks issues. I could not have been more impressed with your professional actions and speed to solve my QB issues at hand. I plan to stay in touch.

Thanks and forever beholding,

Harvie Johnson
U-Need-It Archery, Tennessee

You have a very useful web site that helped me work out some issues with classes. Thanks.


Thank you very much for the answer to my question. I didn’t know that you could do that. I am very happy to have found your site.


Thanks for the help and the service you are providing. I’m sure as I continue on I will need your help again.



Hi Jennifer!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! It is such a relief to finally get a COMPLETE answer!

Your detailed instructions guided me thru perfectly, and I am thrilled to finally get this off my books.

What I like is that you don’t assume that everyone has a thorough understanding of what goes on behind a transaction, and even though it may be common sense for someone with an accounting background, it’s a new “language” for us beginners and we appreciate the step-by-step instructions. AWESOME!

Thank you again, Jennifer. You are truly wonderful and have made me one happy gal!



Thanks so much for your help this morning and for calling so quickly. Your help was greatly appreciated.

Gina Spears
Alexandria Chamber of Commerce
Alexandria, VA


Your work is very much appreciated.

Edgar S. Hicks
Computer Support Services, Eufaula, AL

Hi Jennifer,

Love your web site.. it’s been very helpful from time to time.

Dave, via email


I can tell you’ve worked very hard on your site. It’s the best QuickBooks help site on the internet.

Eric Miller, Irvin Simon, Inc.


Someone told me once that the mark of a true professional is in giving more than you receive. To me, you are truly a gifted professional. Thanks again.

MaryAnn Wallner, QuickBooks Trainer & Bookkeeper

You are a very kind bookkeeper.

Joao Mustra, IT student, Portugal

Your website is my favorite for QuickBooks help on the web!

George Smith, pharmacy owner

I love your site!

Mitch Lieberman, furniture store owner

…again thanks for such a complete answer, it seems you are very into what you do and I think you should be proud of yourself for doing a good job. Not many people do these days… Thanks.

Adam G

Your site is great!

Edna Washington, QuickBooks ProAdvisor

I use QuickBooks each day at my job and have found your site very enjoyable. I am surprised that with the quality of information from your site your Google Page Rank is not higher. 🙂

Tyson Russell, website owner

Our business relies on the professional QuickBooks service that Jennifer provides. Her expertise and attention to detail allows our business to have the necessary financial reporting that is critical to continued growth of our business. Thank you Jennifer.

Greg May, clothing wholesaler/retailer

My husband and I have been extremely satisfied with the service we have received from Jennifer.

Two years ago we had a major tax issue that we had no idea how to fix. Jennifer patiently went through all of our records and figured out exactly what we needed to do to pay off what we owed to the IRS, which turned out to be hundreds less than what we feared.

About a year later the state tax board said that they found incorrect numbers with the IRS’ information, and they said they were going to charge us over $1,200 in back taxes and penalties.

We immediately sought Jennifer’s advice and she was able to go through all our papers. She assured us that the state had been given all the correct numbers – that the IRS was not wrong, as the state asserted.

The state retorted that there was no way we were going to get out of owing the $1200!

About a month later we received a notice from them – they admitted that the error was on their end, as Jennifer had already discovered.

We would recommend Jennifer’s services to anyone, for personal or business tax needs.

Ole & Sara Turley, tax clients

After speaking with two other “QuickBooks Experts,” I have found that Jennifer has a superior knowledge of QuickBooks and accounting in general.

She has been a huge help in correctly setting up the Chart of Accounts, recording of complex transactions and reconciling the register. She was able to quickly find the reasons for discrepancies and offered straightforward ideas to properly fix the transaction.

Using Jennifer as my QuickBooks guru has saved me time and money.

Brent Garduno, home staging services

Jennifer has always provided our company with concise and thoughtful solutions for all our tax and QuickBooks needs.

Sylvia Bertrem, automotive products distributor

Jennifer has been a lifesaver for my start-up business. She handles my taxes, payroll and accounts efficiently and thoroughly. She puts my mind at ease so I can concentrate on my business.

Jennifer Roback Morse, author/speaker/lecturer

Jennifer – thank you so much for a simple solution. I tried it using the sample company and it worked great. You are indeed a QuickBooks wizard in my opinion.

cdj via an online accounting forum

You have written this QuickBooks article in simple and easy to follow language. All your QuickBooks articles are very lucid and clear. Thank you very much Jennifer. I learned a lot by reading your articles.

Cirion Dsouza via an online QuickBooks forum

Jennifer, you are an absolutely terrific writer. Your QuickBooks articles are spectacular.

Linda Della Donna, author & website owner

Your article about Inventory Assemblies in QuickBooks Pro was extremely helpful. Thank you – thank you.

Seriously – you saved me from upgrading from QB Pro to QB Premier, a huge investment in accounting software.

Erica Nicole, business owner

Your instructions about restoring .qbb files will help immensely.

I was afraid that I might erase our entire company file and not be able to get it back. But you sound very confident and you make me feel at ease, and that’s half the battle.

My stepdaughter is a certified ACT.com consultant and I told her about your QuickBooks service and how helpful and professional you are and she told me I got a GREAT deal! Thank you so much Jennifer.

Dan Middendorf, bookkeeper

Dear Jennifer,

Thank you again for your expert help with QuickBooks. We’re three time zones apart, but I never had to leave my office. Emailing my files to you in real time was fantastic. It was great for both of us to look at my data at the same time as you walked me through a number of unfamiliar areas over the phone. I also appreciated your “tips and tricks.” I give you ‘two thumbs way up’ and will recommend you to all my colleagues. My Best.

Joe DeAngelis, LICSW