Tomorrow on Reports

by Elaine
(St. Louis MO )

I would like a choice in the date field in reports in QuickBooks that would be “tomorrow”.

I generate invoices for products that will be produced during the night and delivered the next day. All my invoices have the next day’s date on them. My memorized report, to let me know what items to produce, needs to have a date range that would pick up the invoices that are dated for the next day. Right now, I have to enter the date manually.

Jennifer replies:

That’s a neat idea. I use the date field a lot too. Usually I need to see “Last Calendar Year,” “Last Month,” or “This Year to Date.” And it’s so nice once the report is memorized, because then we don’t have to adjust the date range each time we run the report.

I never thought of one of the choices being “Tomorrow” for reports in QuickBooks, but it makes sense. I’m sure other people need to post-date transactions too, so it’s a good suggestion. Thanks.

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