Troubleshooting reconciliation

by Mili B
(Chiefland )

My tax man says I have to go back through all my reconciliations and redo some organizing how do I re do all my reconciliations?

Jennifer replies:

Hi Mili!

You’re the first person to post a pic! Yea!

In order to redo the recons, you will need all of the statements for the period your tax man says. So if he wants you to redo 2006, you will need all statements that include transactions for 2006.

Once you have these, you can Undo each recon in the Recon area of QB. Just Undo them one by one, until you get to the beginning of 2006 (or whatever time period you tax man says). Then redo the recons as you would normally.

Let me know if this was helpful by posting a comment below. Thanks for writing.

Comments for Troubleshooting reconciliation

Dec 16, 2008 I’ve tried to undo recon with no sucess

by: LaDonna

I’ve tried to undo my recon’s as you suggested but it says there is nothing to reconcile. It is stuck on Feb 2008.

Jennifer replies:

In the Begin Reconciliation window, make sure you have the correct bank account chosen in the Account box. If you are certain of this, then it means that either the recs have already been deleted, or were never done in the first place.

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