Upgrading a QuickBooks File

by Jane

Question about upgrading a QuickBooks file.

“The two computers are several hundred miles apart. Can I use a CD copy of (I don’t really know what this would be, perhaps the most recent backup), install that CD into the computer (where?) that is using QB 2008 Pro, and be able to then move this data into a company that I have set up in QB 2008 Pro.

The bookkeeper, who has used QB for 12 or more years, will continue to work with QB 2002 for some months. I will not enter data into QB 2008 Pro until the bookkeeper no longer is responsible for the company and QB 2002. I should have a couple of months or more to get ready for this transition. I have used Video Professor lessons with some degree of success so far.

Unfortunately, I never had used QB until a month ago.

Thanks for your time,


Jennifer replies:

Hi Jane,

I’m not sure I understand your question. It sounds like you want to use QB 2008, while the bookkeeper is using QB 2002? If so then I do not recommend this. You cannot merge the two data files.

Why not upgrade the 2002 data file to 2008, and have 2008 installed on both computers. You can then email the file back and forth to and from the bookkeeper. While she has it, don’t work in it. And while you have it, she shouldn’t work in it.

Not sure if this is what you need. Sorry for the impossibly long delay in replying! Been crazy around here.

Thanks for your question. Let me know if this answers your question about upgrading a QuickBooks file. Take care.

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