Vendor Discounts

by Bob Rasmussen
(Rosemont, IL)

Vendor discounts and A/P filter

When you go into the “pay bills” screen you see all bills that are due, but sometimes you just want to work on one vendor.

Peachtree and just about every other payables package has a filter to select a range of vendors and also to show which invoices will miss their discount by a particular day, for example, next week while I’m on vacation or through the next time I’ll run payables checks.

Jennifer replies:

These are great ideas. I’ve often wanted to see a single vendor in this window, and had not considered your suggestion about reminders about discounts.

As I’m sure you know, you CAN sort the bill payment screen by discount date. That’s about as good as it gets.

Also, you might want to make sure your preference is turned on to “Automatically use discounts and credits.”

One last thing: you can provide feedback to Intuit by going to the Help menu and selecting Send Feedback Online. I just did it myself for your comment here.

I asked them to put a field in the Modify Report area called, “Discount Date.” Currently we cannot create a custom report with this date. This surprises me as this is an important date for many businesses.

Thanks for your comment – I learned something new about vendor discounts.

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