Vendors & Customers on the Same Report

Jennifer answers a reader’s question about getting vendors & customers on the same report in QB

Mick writes:

I have vendors who bill on multiple customer jobs. When they send a bill, the identified job is entered against the bill.

I can’t for the life of me see how to produce a report for a given supplier on a given job, or even for given supplier broken down by customer job?

My reply:

Often people want to see customers and vendors on the same report. For some reason, people always try to access this information via an A/P report. But it can’t be done that way.

You’ll need to use an A/R report. Here’s an example (requires Adobe Reader). It opens a new window:

Vendor Costs by Job

I created this by navigating to the Unbilled Costs by Job report:

Reports > Jobs, Time, & Mileage > Unbilled Costs by Job

I modified it by clicking the Modify Report button and removed the Memo column by unselecting it in the Columns box.

I added the Paid column by selecting it in the Columns box.

Then I clicked the Filters tab and changed the Billing Status from Unbilled to Any.

Last I changed the name of the report by clicking the Header/Footer tab and changing the name from Unbilled Costs by Job to Vendor Costs by Job.

The Type shows as “Bill.” This means a bill from your supplier.

The Source Name is the vendor name. Billing Status indicates if it’s been invoiced to your customer. The Paid Status indicates if the vendor bill has been paid by you.

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