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A big, warm welcome to my subscribers from JenniferThieme.com!

My name is Jennifer and you originally subscribed to my newsletter at JenniferThieme.com. I have migrated all of the posts from that site to this one. That site is going away forever, and is being replaced with LedgerLight.com. My last name is no longer Thieme so I finally took the plunge and upgraded the site from that one to this one. Take a look around to see what you think. There are blog posts and podcasts.

New cover and updated content

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to teach your self how to use QuickBooks more efficiently and accurately, you’ll want to get my ebook on Amazon:

Get More from QuickBooks: Find and Fix 27 Common Problems in QuickBooks

Tax season is almost here, and I always sell a lot of those ebooks during tax season. I suspect it’s because it helps people get their QuickBooks reports super accurate for their tax preparers.

The cover is new, and I updated some of the content. If you haven’t purchased one yet, I suggest you do before the big push in January and February to finish all the bookkeeping and reports for tax preparation.

If you have never had formal training in QuickBooks or accounting, you are almost certainly making more than one of the mistakes I talk about in the book. Even if you had had formal accounting training, you might be making some of those mistakes.

Everything I talk about there is born out of real experiences of me working with real clients, clients who are smart but who aren’t accountants. Just like many of you reading this!

Some of you have been my subscribers for ten or more years! I appreciate that so much. Take care and I look forward to interacting with you here on LedgerLight.com.

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